The Light It Up Foundation

Lighting up the world one healing breath at a time

The Light It Up Foundation works with communities, schools and organizations to introduce mindfulness, meditation and movement -- with a yoga focus -- first and foremost to children. The foundation also serves to educate first responders; police and doctors,  veterans and people who suffer mental disorders.  We help others learn how to nurture and care for themselves and their bodies by meeting them where they are and introducing new possibilities.

A man on a mission

Keith's philosophy boils down to this: The idea that we have our health in our own hands, or we can have an effect on our health hasn’t really been exercised, which actually goes back to mindfulness. We are in these bodies yet we have no relationship to them. We are disconnected from our bodies, but we have all these expectations of them, which is madness.

If you understand how the body breaks down, as age happens, certain things… eyesight, hearing… we start losing these things. My thing is… when have you ever done any due diligence on how your body functions to be able to preserve your eyesight, your hearing, your strength, your hair?  We allow the years to take these things without fighting for it. We have lost the idea to want to fight for our health. When it comes to ourselves we just let ourselves go, and it just makes no sense.

The movement is know thyself, do due diligence for yourself, connect to yourself, build the most important relationship which is the relationship to self and recognize, in order to have functional relationship with others we have to first develop the relationship to self. 

Fighting childhood obesity

Fighting childhood obesity begins with exposing kids to long-lasting, healthy behaviors. Learning yoga at a young age presents opportunities to exchange wisdom, influence healthy habits, share good times and lay the foundation for a lifelong practice.

Mindful Living health expo

In addition to this foundation, Keith also volunteers with schools and organizations, such as Let's Effect and the Apex Academy Charter, to influence youth throughout the year.

At the beginning of 2015, the Light It Up Foundation collaborated with the AltaMed Foundation to launch the Mindful Living Health Expo & AltaMed 5k to educate youth, ages 10-17, and their families about the importance of proper nutrition and physical fitness.

LA Coliseum to support the 1st Annual Mindful Living Health Expo & AltaMed 5K.

The expo was a free community event with health screenings, holistic wellness sessions, children’s soccer with the LA Galaxy, yoga classes, healthy cooking demonstrations and a concert. 





Lower hyperactivity

Posture improvement