Transform Your Life Now

We are ALL overcoming challenges.

From high-performers who seem to have it all, to individuals who hide their pain behind social media.

Depression. Fear. Impostor Syndrome. Stress.

Symptoms of a spiritual or emotional imbalance may manifest as physical ailments.

What is holding you back from your greater purpose?

Often our own apprehensions and fears are the biggest challenge to realizing our true potential. By far, our greatest obstacle is ourselves.

If you feel as though the pressures of life are weighing you down, know there is hope.

It’s my mission to help you break free from your stress, worry, and doubt starting with just a few mindful minutes a day.

I want to show you how practicing mindfulness can help you reach your highest potential and improve your overall well-being.

To aid you on your journey of healing and mindfulness, I have created two powerful resources.

These resources are for you even if:

Focusing is a challenge for you.
You’ve practiced in the past with little or no results.
You’re an advanced student looking for a fresh perspective.

The Mindfulness Playbook
8 Strategies for Winning at the Game of Life
and The Mindfulness Playbook, Meditations Album

In these resources, you will find personal stories and simple mindfulness principles to help you unlock your inner wisdom and make the most of your practice.

The Mindfulness Playbook & Meditations

You can optimize your quality of life and invest in yourself through my powerful mindfulness tools.

Do you feel unfocused, unable to do your best work?

Do you thrive in one area of you life but suffer in another?

Do you suffer from physical or emotional injuries that prevent you from performing at your best?

These resources were specifically created with you in mind if any of the questions resonate with how you’re feeling.

In The Mindfulness Playbook, 8 Strategies for Winning at the Game of Life, Former All-Pro NFL Player Keith Mitchell unravels the mysteries surrounding mindfulness, meditation, and yoga and makes them accessible to everyone.

Your energy, focus, and performance will skyrocket with this transformational guide.

The Mindfulness Playbook Meditations Album

The Mindfulness Playbook Meditations album is the perfect companion to The Mindfulness Playbook.

Keith will lead you in 12 ten-minute meditations to access your life-force and overcome the challenges you face every day. These guided meditations are designed to help you:

  • improve your confidence
  • strengthen your mind
  • increase your emotional maturity
  • counteract judgmental thoughts
  • encourage self-love

My transformation began after I lost everything.
Your transformation can begin once you put your mind to it.

As a professional football player, I pushed my body beyond its limits to dominate on the field.

Then at age 31, I endured a career-ending spinal injury that completely changed my life forever.

While I lay paralyzed in the hospital, a nurse introduced me to the power of conscious breathing, and my mindfulness journey began.

Over time, my practice has restored my physical abilities as well as strengthened my mental and spiritual well-being.

As a master yogi and meditation coach for over a decade, I have shared my practice with people around the world.

From my experiences, I know this to be true:

We are all a work in progress.

The body and mind have a unique connection. By prioritizing self-care and nurturing the spirit, we give ourselves the love, attention, compassion, time and energy to become the best version of ourselves and positively influence those around us.

By investing in The Mindfulness Playbook & Meditations, you’ll be one step closer to a more peaceful mind, a stronger body, and more meaningful relationships with yourself and others.

I am humbled to be part of your journey of mindfulness and grateful you are part of mine.


What Others Are Saying

“Since retiring from the National Football League, I’ve experienced a number of challenges trying to calm and direct my mind in a positive way. I was lead to try guided meditation with little to no success, until now. Keith Mitchell’s guided meditations have really been effective in providing me the mental relief that I needed. They have taken me through a full sensory experience like no other!”

Willie Whitehead, Tuskeegee, AL

“Keith’s delivery of meditation is transformational. His style enabled me to sink into a deeper state of awareness – as if his voice echoed my internal voice of truth.”

Marcelle, Los Angeles, CA

“I came across Keith Mitchell’s guided meditations at a very difficult time in my life. Each one taught me something new about how to find piece, calm my mind, and set a new direction. They gave me a new perspective and fresh new outlook.”

Dorienne, New Haven, CT

“It was through the mindfulness practices and meditation of Keith Mitchell that I was able to tap into my core, silence the noise that was getting in my way, and follow a cadence and dance that would free my spirit to be my most authentic me.”

Curb, New York, NY

“Life-long abuse had left me feeling rejected and unloved. Keith’s meditations nourished me to the core of my being. As a result, my relationships are now happier and stronger than they have ever been.”

Sandra, Rochester, NY

Show Up for Practice

Keith Mitchell is a well-kept secret among celebrities, professional athletes, top executives, and notable institutions across the globe. He has been featured on USA Today, Sports Illustrated, Fox News, Huffington Post, People Magazine, Dr. Oz, NFL Films, Netflix, Men’s Journal, Ebony, Essence, WanderLust, LA Yoga, Mantra Journal, MindBodyGreen, OM Magazine and more.

“Keith’s magnetic personality and his message of peace through yoga has given many hope and inspiration.”

– Paris Hilton

Keith has also been invited to The White House to participate in First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign, has collaborated with The University of Rochester Medical Center, and has spoken onstage alongside Dr. Deepak Chopra.

“Keith’s generosity and spirit highlight the real benefits of living in a mindful nation. His story and personal practice can help inspire our nation to be more compassionate.”

U.S. Representative Tim Ryan (D-OH)

In addition to his world-wide collection of ancient practices, Keith’s meditation and yoga training includes:

  • 200 hours with Chinook Wudu
  • 1000 hours at White Lotus with Ganga White and Tracey Rich
  • 200 hours with Baron Baptiste at Yin Yoga
  • 200 hours studying Chinese medicine with Jo Phee

Now, his personal mindfulness practice is available to you.

If you are looking to:

  • clear non-essential concerns
  • gain a fresh perspective
  • create a new reality

Then invest in your well-being today.

Your journey to health and well-being starts with your practice.