NFL Films Presents’: Yoga and football

“Who is an athlete? An athlete is someone who surrenders himself to a greater purpose by sacrificing day in and day out in order to attain a dream…”

Featuring the story of Keith Mitchell and how thanks to an injury, he had to make a 180-degree shift from the intense sport of football to the calm and soothing hobby of yoga. Find out how it changed the former linebacker's life. More >


Dr. Oz's: 5 Simple Yoga Moves to Ease Your Pain

Keith Mitchell was invited to the Dr. Oz show to teach the audience on simple simple yoga moves designed to help ease pain. More >


Wanderlust's Paralyzed into Motion: Yoga Saves Pro Football Player Keith Mitchell

Featuring Keith Mitchell and his mental, physical, emotional and spiritual reinvention through Yoga. 

Wanderlust mission is to teach that mindful living is a conscious, value-based approach to leading a sane & healthy life. More >


The Huffington Post: Former NFL Player Keith Mitchell Talks Spinal Injury And Healing Powers Of Yoga

"My rehabilitation was very limited, so meditation changed my whole life," Mitchell told HuffPost Live's Marc Lamont Hill.

Witness this insightful interview about Keith's life-changing transition from former football player to yogi. More > 




One World: Keith Mitchell's Conversation with Deepak Chopra

Watch his ONE WORLD conversation with Deepak Chopra and former Saints, Jacksonville Jaguars & Houston Texans linebacker turned yogi Keith Mitchell, who now pioneers the treatment of NFL & pro-athlete injuries with yoga and meditation. More >



KTLA 5 Morning News: The 'Mindful Living Health Expo & AltaMed 5k' with Former NFL Player Keith Mitchell

Watch KTLA 5 Morning News interview Keith live from the launch of his event, the Mindful Living Health Expo & AltaMed 5k, at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The event educated youth from ages 10-17 and their families about the importance of proper nutrition and physical fitness to achieve a healthy lifestyle. More > LEAD2015 Conference

Watch What Saved Former NFL player Led Him To Changing Lives | Keith Mitchell @ LEAD Presented By






WATCH | “The Sacred Embrace” Keith Mitchell at Wanderlust’s Speakeasy

Speakeasy talk from Wanderlust Aspen-Snowmass :  "Acknowledge. Accept. Release."







CBS Sports 610 Radio Houston Triple Threat

Listen to Part One & Part Two of Keith's interview with CBS Sports 610 Radio Houston Triple Threat.



Ebony Magazine: Peace through the Storm

Retired NFL player Keith Mitchell discovered calm through the use of yoga after an injury ended the only career he knew. Now, the renowned Yogi helps others find peace within. Read article>



OM Magazine: Keith Mitchell's Exclusive Interview

Emotive interview by Dirk Terpstra, Founder of Soul Love for OMTimes. Read article >


Mantra Magazine: Yoga, the Door of no Return

Article by Keith Mitchell. Recognizing how we see ourselves gives us more of an understanding of self-potential. Read article >


Retreat Guru: Waking up through Paralysis

Inspired by his own experience on the path of mindfulness and yoga, Keith is on a mission to share the possibility of personal transformation with people who might never have heard the word ‘yoga.’ Read article >


Bleacher Report: Former NFL Linebacker Keith Mitchell Wants to Heal the NFL Once and for All

by Michael Schottey, NFL National Lead Writer

A man once bent on the destruction of his peers, Keith Mitchell believes he's found a solution to the NFL's biggest problem. Read article >




LA YOGA:  Keith Mitchell: From NFL Linebacker to Mindfulness Coach

LA YOGA sat down with Keith Mitchell, to discuss the realizations and confrontations that arose from his extraordinary transformation. Read article >












The Eden Magazine: A Former NFL Linebacker To Yoga & Meditation Practicer

In his words we learn more about Keith's new journey, and Healing Powers of Yoga. Read article >






MindBodyGreen: How To Master Warrior II

The Los Angeles based-yogi visited the NYC area to teach mindfulness programs to middle school students at The Urban Assembly School for Global Commerce in Spanish Harlem, part of his continuing work with the Light It Up Foundation. 

Looking strong and powerful in Warrior II, it is evident here that this pose in particular is an authentic one for Mitchell. Read article > 




The Huffington Post: Former NFL Linebacker Keith Mitchell Is Leading A Yoga Event On Capitol Hill

The celebrity yogi opened up to HuffPost Live about his recovery while discussing an upcoming yoga event he's leading on Capitol Hill. Read Article >




MindBodyGreen: A Lower Back Yoga Sequence From A Former NFL Linebacker

When Keith Mitchell, the former NFL linebacker turned yogi stopped by Yoga Shanti in Manhattan recently, he showed us a few moves to help create space in the lower back. 

He teaches yoga postures with emphasis on the lumbar spine to current and retired NFL players for pain relief and injury prevention, as part of his mission to help heal the NFL. Read article >