Nutrition has played a key role in Keith’s healing and success. Keith has spent many hours studying nutrition with masters such as Dr. Sebi, and gained a wealth of knowledge that he gladly shares.

Keith’s intention is to support others in creating a strategy to optimize whole body health and to develop a greater understanding of the benefits of eating well. He wants others to understand the reasons we must pay attention to what we eat.

Nutrition Fuels Consciousness

Water is nutrition by way of minerals in liquid form.

Air is nutrition by way of minerals in vapor form.

Food — the manifestation of minerals which we consume as food.

Human — the assimilation of likeness by way of connectivity, tribe, and community.

Nutrition is the most political thing on the planet. To think that what we put in our mouths every day doesn’t affect our ability to function as whole brain thinkers we would be completely missing the point.

There are over 2000 thousand minerals on the planet, however, we can only process 102. When we consume substances that have ingredients outside those 102 minerals they can’t assimilate with our bodies and this will eventually cause problems in our health.

The 3 Leading Causes For Dis-Ease

The 3 leading causes for Dis-Ease on the planet are:

  1. sleep deprivation
  2. dehydration
  3. lack of physical movement

Keith frequently leads health and wellness retreats, talks about nutrition and has a supplement line that includes products such as Sea Moss.