To believe in things we don’t understand, we suffer.
— John Henrik Clarke


Manna: noun man·na \ˈma-nə\ divinely supplied spiritual nourishment


Have you ever really looked at your connection to your food? Do you eat based on a mental impulse, an emotional drive or a physical addiction?

When it comes to nutrition, Keith believes it’s not about what you’re doing, it is why your doing it.

Overall health starts in the mind, the body is the surface. To be truly well, we have to think in terms of wellness. It’s impossible to have a sick body and a well mind. The two are interdependent. Therefore, it is also impossible to have a sick mind and wellness in the body.

So think wellness, eat well and be well.

"If your body is sick, your mind is sick" ~KM




1. Is there a simpler way to navigate the mountain of information about diet, supplements, and superfoods? How does a person find the most healthful (wholly nourishing) way to eat?  Basic principal; you are what you eat. If you’re going to eat chocolate make sure it’s the highest available quality of chocolate. If you're going to eat fruit, like a peach, make sure it’s the highest quality available. That means ask the following: is it a GMO? did it come from some form of artificial insemination? is it organic? does it contain pesticides or chemicals? 

Use your food for purpose, to nurture yourself, to nourish your body. If you are putting food in your body that doesn’t nourish it, you’re doing harm to yourself.  Again, you are what you eat, so if you eat artificial you will be artificial, but if you eat vibrantly alive foods, then you allow aliveness and vibrancy to reflect in your life.

2. It’s so easy to take our internal organ systems for granted; our skin, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, urinary, and reproductive systems because we don’t see them and don’t pay much attention to them until something goes “wrong.”  How important are they to overall health and are there some basic self-care modalities we can pick up? First step of all transformation is cleansing and clearing. The same is true of the physical body. Cleanse years of traumatizing your gut by putting things in the body that remove toxins from the body. Typically, the average body is 6-7 degrees of separation from being able to absorb nutrients because of build-up. A gentle cleanse of the gut and colon, ridding it of the they physical and emotional trauma, will leave a fresh palate to absorb the new, higher vibe choices you're making in your food. To find the best cleanse for you. Do your research and consult a certified nutritionist.



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