A past of being defined as a sports label

Watch Keith Mitchell on "NFL Films Presents": Yoga and Football

Watch Keith Mitchell on "NFL Films Presents": Yoga and Football

Being an NFL Star Athlete for 8 years of my life, was an unforgettable experience...

I entered into the NFL as a young free agent linebacker sporting jersey #59 for various high profile teams such as the New Orleans Saints, Houston Texans, and Jacksonville Jaguars.

On the field, I was a beast at making record-setting defensive tackles and quarterback sacks which brought me great recognition and helped me establish public notoriety.

At the top of my professional game, I ascended into the 2000 Pro Bowl despite my disappointment of being an undrafted All Pro Athlete from my dream college Texas A&M.

Without warning, my football career suddenly ended after suffering from a paralyzing spinal contusion which initially left me concerned about how to transition into a future of unknown possibilities that didn’t seem to fit into my label of being a professional athlete.

Can you imagine approaching retirement from a career you truly love at the young age of 31?  

Ironically, most people make decisions like this much later in life, however, overnight my life suddenly changed.  My identity as a successful athlete, which had been nurtured over the course of decades since childhood in addition to years of sweat and hard work, was stripped away within seconds after one paralyzing hit.

Now what would I do with my life?  What would my identity be? This was the life question I had to contemplate over and over in my head until one day I opened myself up to trying something new and unconventional – YOGA AND MEDITATION.

A Life-Changing Transition


My life took a dramatic turn for the best! As a top NFL linebacker, performing on stage was easy.  Once wearing my familiar football jersey #59 label made me feel powerful, successful and respected, but now wearing a fresh new outlook on life gives me LIBERATION, JOY, AND INSPIRATION.


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