“Unconditionally accepting yourself brings  transformation.” ~ OSHO

“Unconditionally accepting yourself brings  transformation.” ~ OSHO


Mindfulness is the starting line for our healing journey... the practice of meditation is taking that first step.

Keith's Approach to Meditation:


  • Allows possibility and transformation to take place.
  • Fosters compassion, nurturing and patience.
  • Clears the mind and helps a person to reboot.
  • Creates more clarity and allows more space between thoughts.
  • Opens the book of who we are – the unfiltered, unrationalized version.
  • Teaches us how to release the wounds we have either adapted to or internalized.
  • Helps us to recognize that past trauma and experiences don’t define us.
  • Allows the opportunity to release wounds we have either adapted to, or internalized and the beauty in this is that we create space to transform.
  • Offers transformation. You learn you are not where you’ve been, but where you choose to be.