Keith’s profound life-changing transformation from practicing daily yoga & meditation disciplines have helped him understand and find a destination leading to freedom and liberation. 

Keith wants to teach you how!

The practice of the following mindful disciplines are all critical in my transformation journey. As I adopted each of these mindful practices, I developed a new identity of authenticity which helped me find acceptance of the “treasure” within myself which had been hiding behind the sports label I had carried my whole life. 

You too can discover your treasure!  I can guide you through your journey with the following principles:



Heightening Mental Awareness | Elevating Energetic Vibration


          Union of              Mind + Body + Spirit 

Pranayama (Breathing)

Asana (Postures)

Getting the Most out of your Body

Body & Muscle Awareness

Low & High Impact Balance Training

Restoring & Rehabilitating


Lifestyle Changes | Physical Therapy


Why are Meditation & Yoga so Powerful?

Through both practices, it is possible for one to bring the internal self to form and make it tangible.  Like most men, I realize how common it is to wear a disguise of masculine armor which mask our hidden hole containing insecurities, emotions, and vulnerabilities leaving our spirit feeling empty, detached, and unnurtured.

The practice of yoga and meditation allow these hidden holes to be filled with acceptance and love.