Another plan

I dreamed that my career in sports would last as long as I wanted to play, but unfortunately this choice was not mine to make. There was a bigger master-plan for my life which I had not yet realized.


Unwilling to surrender to the plague of emotional depression and physical defeat I often observed among many NFL peers facing similar traumas, I began channeling my energy into the practice of YOGA AND MEDITATION for healing.

Great discovery

By surprise, I discovered these two daily practices not only helped me recover from injury, but also created a sense of liberation, self-awareness,  and fulfillment surpassing my love for football.


The Journey is the Destination...

My journey in sports led me to a football stage of fame, while the trauma of being paralyzed at a young age almost sent me to rock bottom. Unexpectedly, the ultimate master plan was for me to discover my destiny.


"Embrace tension because through the sensation our body speaks"

Like you, I have experienced fear, pain, great setbacks, disappointments, failures, and adversities. Life’s journey promises us all many unexpected surprises - both good and bad, however, regardless of all life’s events, we have control on how we manage our decisions.  When this happens, we don’t have to remain in a state of fear, pain, anxiety, or depression.  

Experiencing the trauma of being paralyzed during my football career at a young age almost felt like I had reached my  rock bottom.  Just as I was physically paralyzed  from a game injury, I discovered an even greater identity challenge to overcome, my mental paralysis which was actually rooted in fear.

Facing one of my greatest emotional fears, I believe  is symbolic of experiences  that many of my clients and fans  experience which may be equally just as paralyzing as a physical injury and sometimes even more so. But my testimony is proof enough that fear can be defeated in order to achieve freedom and healing.